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About us

About us

About us

Our story

Métonymie_ was founded in 2013 by the entrepreneur Polo Sánchez-Valle. The company started as an events management agency, but now offers a broader range of marketing and communications services to an amazing roster of inspiring and exciting like-minded fellow entrepreneurs and companies.

At Métonymie_, we believe in the power of collaboration and global working networks. As the economy moves towards the collaborative consumption model, so does Métonymie_. We work in an open structure model, keeping fixed costs low and adapting to each project, according to its size and scope. In this collective structure, every team member’s contribution is key to the success of the project. In this way, we will ensure that you receive only the best deliveries from our experienced and dedicated bespoke teams.


We have been in the market for a while. Our multi-disciplinary team brings to your service a wide-ranging baggage of knowledge and skills.


We are honest and we love what we do. We strive to support like-minded hard-working companies and organisations.


We work in an open collaborative model, we are flexible and adaptable to each project.


Each one of our clients is at the centre stage of each project. As angency, we are here to ensure your success.

the Team

Meet the people behind the screens. These are the ones making all of this possible.

Andreea Dinu

Marketing and Communications Manager

Ivana Cummings

Marketing and Communications Manager

Polo Sánchez-Valle


MÉTONYMIE_ (/mɛˈtɒnəmi/)A fancy French word for metonymy.As humans, we are unable to comprehend the unbounded, all-encompassing image of things in their entirety. It is, therefore, extremely common to take one well-understood or easy-to-perceive element of something and use it to represent that thing as a whole, or another aspect of it.

This mental process uses metonymies and it is one of the most effective mechanisms to trigger image change, in a natural, organic way.

Icons, initials, brand names, nicknames, stereotypes, paragons, part-for-the-whole images, place-for-the events names, product-for-producer pictures, absent-but-known or part-whole relations, domain expansions and domain reductions, category relations: these are all different types of metonymies. And metonymies are not only part of the visual or written realm; they can also be sounds, tastes and scents.

Recent clients

We’ve worked with some great companies over the years. Here's a selected few.